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Order of Worship – February 5, 2023, 10 am & 5 pm

*Indicates to stand up

10 am service

Pre-Service Song: 63B: O Lord, My God, Most Earnestly
*Call to Worship
*Votum and Salutation
*Song: 68B: O Lord, Thou Hast Ascended
Law of God
Song: 32A:1,3,4: What Blessedness Belongs to Him
*Song:190: Thus Saith the Mercy of the Lord
Scripture: Ephesians 4:1-16
   Text: Ephesians 4:7-16
   Title: He Gave Gifts to Men
   Theme: The ascended Lord richly provides for the building up of His church.
        1. With manifold gifts.
        2. For cooperative growth.
        3. Toward a glorious goal.
*Song: 410: Christian Hearts in Love United
Offerings: 1. Budget; 2. Word & Deed
*Doxology: 105B:1,3: O Thank the LORD with Great Rejoicing

Sermon questions

1. Gifts are from Christ; who are they for? (1 Peter 4:10)
2. What two different kinds of gifts or offices are there in verse 11?
3. How does our text show the importance of truth for unity?...of love?
4. What does the “perfect man” of verse 13 refer to?

5 pm service

Pre-Service Song: 121B: To the Hills I Lift My Eyes
*Call to Worship
*Votum and Salutation
*Song: 50:1,2,6,8: The Mighty One, Our God
Scripture: Exodus 22:1-15
Song: 37:1,2,4,5: Do Not Fret on Account of the Wicked
Scripture: James 4:13-5:9
   Text: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord's Day 42
   Title: Your Neighbour's Goods and Your Neighbour's Good
   Theme: Respect others’ goods in the fear of God.
        1. In the sight of God as well as man.
        2. As stewards of God's sovereign distribution.
        3. With a conscience under the 'golden rule'.
*Song: 538:1,2,4,6: Take My Life, and Let It Be
Offerings: 1. Budget; 2. Word & Deed
*Confession of Faith: Apostles’ Creed
*Doxology: 166: You Who His Temple Throng

Sermon questions

1. What kinds of theft often go unpunished by governing authorities?
2. What sins lie at the heart of theft?
3. What is stewardship and how does it relate to this command?
4. What is the “golden rule” and how does it apply to stealing?