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Order of Worship – January 16, 10 am & 5 pm

*Indicates to stand up

10 am service

Pre-Service Song: 123: To You, O LORD, I Lift My Eyes
*Call to Worship
*Votum and Salutation
*Song: 102B: Thou, O Lord, Art God Alone
Law of God
Song: 119S: With All My Heart I Cry
Song: 190: Thus Saith the Mercy of the Lord
Scripture: John 12:20-50
   Text: John 12:37-50
   Title: Signs of The Christ, the Son of God, Pt8
   Theme: The revelation of Jesus results in unbelief, or belief.
        1. Unbelief fulfilled the words of the prophet Isaiah.
        2. Your response to Jesus is your response to the Father.
        3. Unbelief and belief have tremendous consequences.
*Song: 267: O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart's Desire
Offerings: 1. Budget; 2. Christians for Armenia
*Doxology: 113A:1,2,4: Hallelujah! Raise, O Raise

Sermon questions

1. What is meant by “Judicial Hardening”?
2. When did Isaiah see the glory of Jesus?
3. What's wrong with thinking, “I can wait till later to believe”.
4. What is your “takeaway” from our study of the Signs of The Christ?

5 pm service

Pre-Service Song: 134: Come, Bless the LORD with One Accord
*Call to Worship
*Votum and Salutation
*Song: 118A:1,2,7: O Thank the LORD for All His Goodness
Scripture: Isaiah 52:13-53:12
Song: 170: God, in the Gospel of His Son
Scripture: Acts 8:26-40
   Text: Heidelberg Catechism, Lord's Day 6
   Title: What the Bible is All About
   Theme: An Ethiopian eunuch learns the meaning of Scripture.
        1. An all-important question.
        2. The key to understanding.
        3. A marvelous fulfillment.
*Song: 265: In Christ Alone
Offerings: 1. Budget; 2. Christians for Armenia
*Confession of Faith: Apostles' Creed
*Doxology:149B:1,3: O Praise Ye the Lord

Sermon questions

1. What is the value of such questions as the one Philip asked?
2. What does Jesus say is the key to understanding Scripture?
3. How often does the New Testament refer to Isaiah? To chapter 53?
4. Name some things Philip might have explained to the Eunuch.