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Sermon series: the Gospel according to Matthew

This sermon series on the book of Matthew began on September 23, 2012, with the final sermon on April 12, 2015. The sermons are in order, from top to bottom.


Sept 23/12 AM The Gospel According to St. Matthew: Matthew's Call Matthew 9:9-13 Matthew 9:1-13 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 07/12 PM Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham Matthew 1:1-17 Matthew 1:1-17 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 14/12 AM The Virgin Shall Bear a Son Matthew 1:18-25 Matthew 1:18-25 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 21/12 AM God Fulfills His Word and Protects His Son Matthew 2 Matthew 2 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 28/12 AM Repent, for the Kingdom is Near Matthew 3 Matthew 3 Rev. W. Pols
Nov 04/12 PM Jesus Tempted to Grasp at Glory Matthew 4:1-11 Matthew 4:1-11 Rev. W. Pols
Nov 25/12 AM The Gospel of the Kingdom Comes With Power Matthew 4:12-25 Matthew 4:12-25 Rev. W. Pols
Dec 02/12 AM The Blessedness of Sharing in the Kingdom Matthew 5:1-12 Matthew 5:1-12 Rev. W. Pols
Dec 16/12 AM This Lost World Needs You Matthew 5:13-16 Matthew 5:13-16 Rev. W. Pols
Dec 23/12 AM Jesus and the Law Matthew 5:17-48 Matthew 5:17-48 Rev. W. Pols
Dec 30/12 AM True and False Piety Matthew 6:1-18 Matthew 6:1-18 Rev. W. Pols
Jan 06/13 AM Seek First God's Kingdom Matthew 6:19-34 Matthew 6:19-34 Rev. W. Pols
Jan 27/13 AM The Broad Way and the Narrow Way Matthew 7:13-14 Matthew 7 Rev. W. Pols
Feb 03/13 AM The Wonder of Jesus' Healing Grace Matthew 8 Matthew 8 Rev. W. Pols
Feb 10/13 AM Jesus' Compassion for Shepherdless Sheep Matthew 9:36-38 Matthew 9-10:1 Rev. W. Pols
Mar 03/13 AM Shall I Fear to Own His Cause? Matthew 10 Matthew 10 Rev. W. Pols
Mar 17/13 AM John the Baptist and Jesus the Messiah Matthew 11:1-19 Matthew 11:1-19 Rev. W. Pols
April 07/13 AM Consider the Goodness and Severity of God Matthew 11:20-30 Matthew 11:20-30 Rev. W. Pols
April 14/13 AM The Lord Jesus Christ, Liberator Matthew 12:1-21 Matthew 12:1-21 Rev. W. Pols
April 28/13 AM With Jesus or Against Him? Matthew 12:22-37 Matthew 12:22-37 Rev. W. Pols
May 05/13 AM Deadly Unbelief Matthew 12:38-45 Matthew 12:38-45 Rev. W. Pols
May 05/13 PM Jesus' Family Matthew 12:46-50 Matthew 12:46-50 Rev. W. Pols
May 26/13 AM Jesus Spoke in Parables Matthew 13:34-35 Matthew 13 Rev. W. Pols
June 02/13 AM The Death of John the Baptizer Matthew 14:1-13a Matthew 14:1-13a Rev. W. Pols
June 09/13 AM Why Did You Doubt? Matthew 14:13-36 Matthew 14:13-36 Rev. W. Pols
June 16/13 AM What Makes You Dirty in God's Sight? Matthew 15:1-20 Matthew 15:1-20 Rev. W. Pols
July 21/13 AM Grace to One Afar Off Matthew 15:21-28 Matthew 15:21-39 Rev. W. Pols
July 28/13 AM Who Do You Say That I Am? Matthew 16:13-20 Matthew 16:1-20 Rev. W. Pols
Aug 04/13 AM The Way of the Cross Matthew 16:21-28 Matthew 16:21-28 Rev. W. Pols
Aug 11/13 AM Hear Him Matthew 17:1-13 Matthew 17:1-13 Rev. W. Pols
Aug 18/13 PM Have Faith Matthew 17:14-21 Matthew 17:14-21 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 01/13 AM The Sonship of Jesus Shines Forth Matthew 17:22-27 Exodus 30:11-16 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 15/13 AM Jesus Care For His Little Ones, Pt 1 Matthew 18:1-5 Matthew 18:1-14 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 15/13 PM Jesus Care For His Little Ones, Pt 2 Matthew 18:6-14 Matthew 18:1-14 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 29/13 PM The Way of Christ's Working in His Church Matthew 18:15-20 Matthew 18:15-20 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 06/13 PM The Forgiven Forgive Matthew 18:21-35 Matthew 18:21-35 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 13/13 PM Jesus Expounds God's will for Marriage Matthew 19:1-12 Matthew 19:1-12 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 27/13 PM How to Have Eternal Life Matthew 19:16-30 Matthew 19:13-30 Rev. W. Pols
Nov 03/13 PM Never Lose Sight of Grace Matthew 20:1-16 Matthew 20:1-16 Rev. W. Pols
Nov 10/13 AM The Service of the Son of Man Matthew 20:17-28 Matthew 20:17-28 Rev. W. Pols
Nov 17/13 PM What Do You Want From Jesus? Matthew 20:29-34 Matthew 20:29-34 Rev. W. Pols
April 13/14 AM The King on His Way to Good Friday Matthew 21:1-11 Matthew 20:29-21:11 Rev. W. Pols
April 27/14 AM The Lord Comes to His Temple Matthew 21:12-17 Psalm 8 Rev. W. Pols
May 04/14 PM Beware of Covenant Unfruitfulness Matthew 21:18-22 Luke 13:6-9 Rev. W. Pols
June 15/14 AM Unbelief Exposed Matthew 21:23-32 Matthew 21:23-32 Rev. W. Pols
June 22/14 AM The Lord's Marvelous Doing Matthew 21:33-46 Matthew 21:33-46 Rev. W. Pols
June 29/14 AM Many Are Called, But... Matthew 22:1-14 Matthew 22:1-14 Rev. W. Pols
July 06/14 PM Give to God the Things That Are God's Matthew 22:15-46 Psalm 110 Rev. W. Pols
July 27/14 AM The True Service of God Matthew 23:1-12 Matthew 23:1-12 Rev. W. Pols
Aug 03/14 PM The Awful Condemnation of Jesus Matthew 23:13-38 Proverbs 6:12-19,
Isaiah 65:1-7
Rev. W. Pols
Aug 17/14 AM Desecration, Tribulation, Deception...Beware! Matthew 24:15-28 Matthew 24:15-28 Rev. W. Pols
Aug 31/14 AM The Coming of the Son of Man Matthew 24:29-35 Matthew 24:29-35 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 07/14 AM Be Ready for Your Lord's Coming Matthew 24:36-44 Matthew 24:35-51 Rev. W. Pols
Sept 21/14 AM Ready for the Bridegroom, or Not? Matthew 25:1-13 Matthew 25:1-13 Rev. W. Pols
Oct 05/14 AM Working For Our Returning Lord Matthew 25:14-30 Matthew 25:14-30 Rev. W. Pols
Dec 28/14 AM To the End of the Age: God with Us Matthew 28:20b Matthew 28:16-20 Rev. W. Pols
Feb 08/15 PM Disloyal Sinners and the Faithful Saviour Matthew 26:17-35 Psalm 41 Rev. W. Pols
Feb 15/15 AM Not As I Will, But As You Will Matthew 26:36-56 Matthew 26:36-56 Rev. W. Pols
Feb 22/15 AM The Faithful Witness Suffers Matthew 26:57-75 Matthew 26:57-75 Rev. W. Pols
Mar 15/15 AM For 30 Pieces of Silver Matthew 27:1-10 Matthew 27:1-10 Rev. W. Pols
Mar 22/15 AM The Just One Declared Innocent
and Sentenced to Death
Matthew 27:11-26 Matthew 27:11-26 Rev. W. Pols
Mar 29/15 AM From Joyful Acclamation to Mocking Accusation Matthew 27:27-37 Matthew 21:1-9 Rev. W. Pols
April 03/15 AM Hallelujah! What a Saviour! Matthew 27:38-54 Psalm 42 Rev. W. Pols
April 05/15 AM He Is Risen From the Dead! Matthew 27:55-28:15 Matthew 27:55-28:15 Rev. W. Pols
April 12/15 AM Living Under the Command of Our Risen King Matthew 28:16-20 Matthew 28:16-20 Rev. W. Pols